What does the Lotus Sutra mean when we are promised, "peace and security in this lifetime and good circumstances in the next"?

This signifies the benefits obtained by hearing the true Law in the present lifetime, and also in the next life. The Medicinal Herbs (Yakusoyu; fifth) chapter of the Lotus Sutra states:

Once these living beings have heard the Law, they will enjoy peace and security in their present existence and good circumstances in future existences.
(Hokekyo,p. 217)

Furthermore, if we exert our utmost efforts for kosen-rufu, we will get lots of benefits. The Daishonin teaches that we, the people living in the Latter Day of the Law, can obtain the benefit of attaining Buddhahood by conducting the practice of shakubuku. He states:

Because people committed countless sins and accumulated much evil karma in the past, they must expect to suffer heavy retribution for everything they have done for numerous lifetimes. However, it is due to the blessings obtained by protecting the true Law that they can diminish in this lifetime their suffering and retribution, and eradicate their sins and evil karma.
(Gosho, p. 582 [Summary])

Thus, let’s chant Daimoku first and take action to do shakubuku in order to establish a happy life in this lifetime and in the next life.
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