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A Fortune Built from NothingFebruary 200117
The Price for Taking LifeMarch 200116
An Auspicious DayApril 200119
The Arrogant New KingMay 200118
The Fruit Turned BitterJune 200116
The Heavenly GarlandJuly 200117
The Tofu DebateAugust 200115
Belief & DoubtSeptember 200113
The Old Woman's Carrot & the HorseNovember 200114
The Monkey Reborn as a GovernorDecember 200111
The Men Rejected by HellFebruary 200215
The Priceless Buddhist AlterMarch 200219
The Gentle Boy Named HeikichiApril 200217
The Horse-faced LandladyMay 200217
Clever Thief, Stupid ThiefJune 200219
The Reincarnated SnakesJuly 200216
The Seven-jeweled InkstoneAugust 200216
The Viper & the RatSeptember 200215
The Dragon & the GoblinOctober 200217
The Stepmother Who Searched her SoulNovember 200217
Offering of SakeDecember 200216
The Demon Mast that Would Not Come OffFebruary 200317
The Treasure Tower FireMarch 200319
The Fish that Turned into Lotus Sutra ScrollsApril 200314
The Blind Priest MyoshoMay 200315
The Horse ThievesJune 200314
The Penitent FalconerJuly 200320
The Rainmaking DragonAugust 200319
Traits from the PastSeptember 200322
The Reward for a Kept PromiseOctober 200318
The Mandarin DucksNovember 200317
The Monkey with Nine LivesDecember 200320
The Flying Water JugJanuary 200420
Eagle LeftoversFebruary 200419
Kishimojin's DaughterMarch 200418
A Wife Warns her Husband Against CrimeApril 200414
The Blessings of Hearing the LawMay 200413
The Mighty Sumo WrestlersJune 200416
The Wrongfully Imprisoned PriestJuly 200418
The Falcon TrapperAugust 200413
The Priest Who Hid Inside a Temple BellSeptember 200421
Father & Son Catch a Horse ThiefOctober 200419
The Blessings of Hearing the Lotus SutraNovember 200421
The Hunter Who Changed his WaysDecember 200419
The Priest Who Obeyed His MasterJanuary 200517
The Death of an Eight-year-old BoyFebruary 200518
A Lesson in GratitudeMarch 200517
Huner Saves a Sacrificial MaidenApril 200516
The Strong WomanMay 200516
The Mysterious Sutra Boxes June 200515
A Giant Snake & Mammoth Centipede Do BattleJuly 200515
The Cow that Ascended to the DaisAugust 200517
The Priest of Mt Omin'e-senSeptember 200522
Speaking Images of the BuddhaOctober 200516
The Mysteries of Mother's MilkNovember 200517
Making the EffortDecember 200511
The Legendary Five PrincesJanuary 200619
A Violent Mother Horse & a Violent FoalFebruary 200611
The Allegory of a Poisoned ArrowMarch 200617
The Spirit of Making OfferingsApril 200611
The Innocent SinMay 200615
The Son Who was Raised in LuxuryJune 200623
The Greedy CoupleJuly 200617
The King & the Red FishSeptember 20068
The Old Woman Who Sold her PovertyOctober 200620
An Impure FeastNovember 200616
The Golden LionDecember 20069
The King's EyesJanuary 200720
Kushuma & the Man in the ForestFebruary 200719
The Flying HermitMarch 200716
The Offering of a Mud PieApril 200717
The Nun Who Took ResponsibilityMay 200717
Shogo & the Missing Sutra CoverJune 200715
The Leftover Rice that Became PreciousJuly 200716
The Priest Who Kept the Sun from RisingAugust 200718
The Princes & the Kinsuka TreeSeptember 200717
The Partridges & the Partridge HunterOctober 200716
Temptation from a DemonNovember 200715
The King of Chin & the Priceless Carved JadeDecember 200716
The Secret BoxJanuary 200814
The Gold Coins in the PouchFebruary 200812
The Wise Priest Who Always Got AngryMarch 200819
Unseen Virtue Brings Visible RewardApril 200818
The Stingy HusbandMay 200818
The Brothers' InheritanceJune 200822
The Two Acacia TreesJuly 200818
The Old Man Who Tried to Move a MountainAugust 200816
The Snipe & the ClamSeptember 200819
The Wealthy Man & the Abandoned ChildOctober 200815
The Cow with a Jewel in its HornNovember 200819
The Virtue of Prince JizhaDecember 200817
The Wisdom of Duke ZhouJanuary 200922
The Dragon MuralFebruary 200918
Three People Make a TigerMarch 200917
The Importance of Being HonestApril 200917
A Tiny Drop of WaterMay 200920
A Special Talent can Always be UsefulJune 200920
The Three Caves of a Wise RabbitJuly 200918
Chasing the Good LifeAugust 200921
Heavier than Mount Tai Shan or Lighter than a Swan's FeatherSeptember 200915
The Old Guide HorsesOctober 200922
The Rabbit & the Tree StumpNovember 200919
The Arrogant GiverDecember 200920
One Look is Worth One Hundred StoriesJanuary 201019
Do Not Rely Only on Book KnowledgeFebruary 201018
The Cicada, the Praying Mantis, and the SparrowMarch 201014
The Swallow of the Yan Emperor's DaughterApril 201017
The Plum OrchardMay 201013
Nothing Ventured, Nothing GainedJune 201015
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